New Breast Cancer Technology Reduces Re-excision by 50%



New Breast Cancer Technology Breakthrough by KUBTEC

Alison and Kim from The Mozart Mission have both survived breast cancer. Their mission was to get the Kubtec Mozart 3D tomosynthesis technology to their nearby hospital. This new breast cancer technology is a precision technology that enables surgeons to know with the highest certainty that they got the entire tumour out during surgery. 

Few people understand the havoc and pain involved in breast surgery. But even more concerning is the difficulty of accurately removing all the cancer. 1 in 5 patients have to undergo repeat surgery. However, the breast cancer technology by KUBTEC reduces re-excision rates by 50%.

The women of The Mozart Mission know this. By getting the system into the clinic close to their homes, they have also learned how they can positively impact the lives of millions of women who are going through breast cancer.

Why is Precision Surgery Important for Breast Cancer Treatment?

Precision technology like the MOZART systems gives a clear 3D view of the surgical margins. The clarity of these margins makes it so that there is a better chance of the surgeon removing all of the cancer. Therefore, a re-excision would not be needed.

When Kim, a widow, first heard she had breast cancer in 2019, her first fear was leaving her children orphaned. She went through a lumpectomy, a procedure undertaken to determine if the breast mass is malignant – and if so, to have the tumour removed.

Unfortunately, it turned out she had positive margins after the surgery. “Positive margins” means the cancerous tissue was not fully removed. Kim eventually healed, but only after undergoing another surgery.

Alison returned to the surgery table 4 times until she completely healed. Positive margins caused Alison to get sick again and again. Carmen from the group says having cancer is an emotional roller-coaster.

Consider how wonderful it would be if these women had not suffered through such difficulties repeatedly, not to mention the savings on the cost of healthcare.

KUBTEC Offers a Solution Using 3-D Technology

KUBTEC has been developing diverse systems to help facilitate real-time 3D tissue examination in hospitals. These incredible breakthroughs in breast cancer technology help surgeons to better prepare for the entire process of detecting and treating breast cancer:

  • The KUBTEC Mozart: This system combines 3D tomosynthesis and an HD camera to ensure surgeons get the right margins in the operating room, taking out the guessing work of the surgery.
  • The KUBTEC XPERT Systems: This is a specimen radiography system that comes in diverse sizes: The XPERT 20, the XPERT 40, and the XPERT 80. All systems ensure comprehensive imaging of specimens to detect cores and determine clear margins in real-time.
  • The KUBTEC proprietary Image Blender: This Combines X-ray and optical images for a thorough review of a tissue specimen.

Why Support Breast Cancer Awareness?

Breast cancer awareness not only funds research that helps develop breast cancer technology breakthroughs, but it can also save lives.

Each year, 12.5% of new cancer cases are breast cancer, making it the most common cancer in the world. However, the rate of false positives during the diagnosis of breast cancer is 10%. This means 1 in 10 people may undergo painful treatment for a cancer they do not have!

Furthermore, breast cancer can be very aggressive, so time is of the essence. This means early detection plays a considerable role in successful treatment, not to mention a vital role in prevention. 

To fund more research and raise awareness of both the prevention and treatment of breast cancer, we celebrate “Pink October”, known as World Breast Cancer Month every year. Famous celebrities, such as actress Angelina Jolie, who is known for undergoing breast surgery, are important ambassadors in the campaign for early detection and more research funding to improve outcomes.

Numerous support groups run by breast cancer survivors, such as the members of The Mozart Mission, can be found on social media to help patients during their entire painful journey back to health. It is inspiring to discover the strength these women have and their wish to empower other patients to heal.

IC Inspiration

In many cases, patients are required to undergo repeated surgery. In a 6-year-long study, it was found that the rate of repeated breast cancer surgery was 22.7%! Almost a quarter of the patients returned for more surgery.

But how do we avoid the agony of a patient who has already gone through surgery, struggled to heal, and gone back to their normal life after surviving, only to discover the need to go through it all again?

KUBTEC 3D precision technology can be an incredible solution.

The tissue that is removed from breast cancer patients during the actual surgery is only tested in the pathology lab after the surgery has ended. This accounts for the high repeated surgery rate. 

Imagine if breast cancer patients and doctors alike could be certain that the entire tumour is removed and that the chance of the cancer coming back is minimal. 

Here’s a fun fact: X-rays were used for applications in medicine within a year of their discovery. 3D tomosynthesis takes X-rays to a new level of accuracy.

After all, life happens in 3D, not in 2D. The Mozart system’s efficacy in margin precision for breast cancer patients has improved the lives of so many people. It is truly inspirational, benefiting healthcare professionals and patients alike.


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